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147. Go to the Park

02.07.2012, Easy Reading, by .
VOA Special English

Chuck wanted to go to the park after dinner. His mom wanted him to stay home after dinner. She didn’t want him to go to the park. She said it was dark at the park. But Chuck said it wasn’t dark at the park. “There are lights at the park, Mom,” he said. But she said there were only a few lights at the park. She said there were many dark places in the park. “Bad people go to the park at night,” she said. “Bad people do bad things. They do bad things to good people. You are a good person. I don’t want something bad to happen to you.” Chuck said, “Nothing bad will happen to me. I will go with my two friends. We will be together. All three of us will be together. We will stay away from the dark places. We will stay under the lights.”

VOA Special English

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