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Atlantis Is Calling (s.o.s. For Love) – học tiếng anh qua bài hát

07.21.2015, Learning English by song, Tieng Anh Qua Bai Hat, by .

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Atlantis Ive Lady Ohoho SOS You a for harder hold
love need someone teach than too won't wrong

, I know it was hard

But it's much to ignoreThere's a chance and Ill promise

I hurt you anymore

Hollywood nights were romancin'

can trust me anytime

Somewhere, oh babe, there's

Oh youre dancing in my mind

, little queenie

I'm your fool

Come on, me the rules

I will send a SOS... love

Ohoho, little queenie,

I'm your foolYou love, like I do

I will send a ... for love

Atlantis is calling, SOS... for

Atlantis is calling, from the stars above

is calling, SOS... for loveAtlantis is calling, its'

hot to stop

If loving you is , babe

Oh, I don't wanna be right

got you under my skin, babe

And baby, me tight

I'm ready for our romanceI wait million years for you

I love you more I'm saying

Baby, that's for me the truth



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