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Introduction Dialogue 1 Hello, Mrs Smith …how are you? Fine.Thank you Please have a seat …would you like some coffee … Learn more

Dialogue 1 Tell me a little bit about yourself Well, my name is Doris Brown …I’m 27 years old and … Learn more

Educational Background Dialogue 1 Please tell me about your educational background I graduated form Cornell University in 1994 with a … Learn more

Previous job experience Dialogue 1 “Can you tell me about your previous job experience please While I studied at university, … Learn more

Special Skill Do have any special skills that would help you on this job? Yes, I’m pretty good with computer … Learn more

The ideal job Dialogue 1 Could you describe your ideal job? Yes. My ideal job would be challenging but secure” … Learn more

Dialogue 1 What is your greatest strengths? My greatest strengths is persistence. …I work really hard and I don’t give … Learn more

Dialogue 1 What are some of your personal interests outside of work? Well, I really enjoy gardening, it helps me … Learn more

Reasons for leaving a previous job Dialogue 1 Why did you leave your previous job? My company was downsizing because … Learn more

Dialogue 1 How do you handle pressure? I work very well with pressure …I prepare for it before it come … Learn more

Dialogue 1 Are you able to travel? Yes, I enjoy traveling Are you willing to relocate? Yes, I am Dialogue … Learn more

Why do you want this job? Dialogue 1 Why do you want to work for us? When I saw the … Learn more

Do you have any questions? Dialogue 1 Do you have any questions for me? Yes, what is the starting salary? … Learn more

Getting a job offer Dialogue 1 I’d like to offer you the job …Are you still interested? Yes, I am. … Learn more

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