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Archive for the ‘Grammar in use’ Category

UNIT 91 -Relative clauses (1)Exercises

UNIT 90 -Each and everyExercises

UNIT 95 -Relative clauses (5)Exercises

UNIT 94 -Relative clauses (4)Exercises

UNIT 93 -Relative clauses (3)Exercises

UNIT 96 –ing and -ed clausesExercises

UNIT 98 -Adjectives: word order – Adjectives after verbsExercises

UNIT 97 -Adjectives ending in -ing and -edExercises

UNIT 101 -So and suchExercises

UNIT 100 -Adjectives and adverbs (2)Exercises

UNIT 99 -Adjectives and adverbs (1)Exercises

UNIT 104 -Comparison (1)Exercises

UNIT 103 -Quite and ratherExercises

UNIT 102 -Enough and tooExercises

UNIT 107 -SuperlativesExercises

UNIT 106 -Comparison (3)Exercises

UNIT 105 -Comparison (2)Exercises

UNIT 110 -Still,yet,already;Any more/any longer/no longerExercises

UNIT 109 -Word order (2)Exercises

UNIT 108 -Word order (1)Exercises

UNIT 113 -In caseExercises

UNIT 112 -Although/though/even though. In spite of/despiteExercises

UNIT 111 -EvenExercises

UNIT 116 -Like and asExercises

UNIT 115 -As (reason and time)Exercises

UNIT 114 -Unless. As long as and provided/providingsExercises

UNIT 119 -By and until. By the time…Exercises

UNIT 118 -For, during and whileExercises

UNIT 117 -As ifExercises

UNIT 120 -At/on/in (time)Exercises