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A basketball game ended abruptly Saturday afternoon when 18-year-old Damon Miller was fatally shot at a recreation center. The gunman, … Learn more

The federal government, displaying even less sense than usual, has yielded to the French fry industry. Frozen French fries—sliced, fried … Learn more

Mark was cursing the driver in front of him because she was creeping along. He was running late for a … Learn more

Grady was rich, but he was 78 and on his deathbed. No amount of money—or love—could save him now.In his … Learn more

The mailman delivers good news and bad news. Topping the “bad news” list for many people who live in Los … Learn more

Lina often asked Luke to dinner. Lina loved Luke, but Luke loved Lina’s cooking, not Lina herself. Lina accepted that … Learn more

Julia was 12 years old. Her best friend Betsy was 13. Summer was almost over. School was about to start. … Learn more

Dave needed to pack for Saturday’s fishing trip. He went into his hall closet, where he had more than 20 … Learn more

A Continental Pacific Railroad freight train derailed on Tuesday about 40 miles north of Sacramento. The exact cause is still … Learn more

A classical guitarist was thrilled to hear from New York City police that his valuable guitar had been found. It … Learn more

Lois Castle, 58, committed suicide at home with a revolver yesterday. Two police officers heard a single gunshot as they … Learn more

The annual teachers’ meeting was the only time that all the teachers got together in one place at one time. … Learn more

A 29-year-old woman was driving her car in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was fatally wounded by … Learn more

Police in San Dimas pulled over a florist’s van yesterday and arrested the driver, Karl Rover, for smoking and transporting … Learn more

Three months had passed. It was time for Tony to visit his dental hygienist again. The visit usually lasted two … Learn more

“But I love you so much,” she said. “I think I must be crazy. I can’t stop thinking about you. … Learn more

Veronica was an only child. Even as a child, she decided that she was going to be a doctor. All … Learn more

Carbon Street is a long, tree-lined street with majestic houses on either side. The houses are owned by millionaires who … Learn more

Sandra had not been to Las Vegas in more than a year. She was excited. Her sister Janice was coming … Learn more

A woman golfing with her husband and her mother was taken to the local hospital yesterday afternoon. The woman was … Learn more

Roland was a carpenter in Virginia. He and Sheila had three kids—two boys and baby Jessica. The baby had been … Learn more

“Good evening, everybody!” said the teacher, Donna. “Where is everybody?” That was sort of a daily joke by Donna. Usually … Learn more

The blue bike was sitting in Owen’s living room. It had no kickstand, so he had wedged the front tire … Learn more

Pete had lived in Florida for 20 years. A boring 20 years, he often thought. His house was only a … Learn more

When Winnie and Arnold bought their house at the end of a cul-de-sac in 1980, they thought they had died … Learn more

Daniel needed a new carburetor for his car. Well, not a new one. A new one would cost at least … Learn more

He was in his 60s. He was short, fat, and arrogant. He was the plant manager, the supervisor, the boss! … Learn more

Ralph and Ilene hadn’t been to a baseball game in about five years. They were only 15 miles from the … Learn more

Maxwell had not held a steady job in almost two years. Today was a big day, because he was going … Learn more

Samuel was back at the thrift shop. He had walked into the shop with only one goal in mind—to find … Learn more