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What sports can you play? I can play tennis, basketball, football, and volleyball …What about you? …What sport can you … Learn more

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Visiting a friend Hello! Who is this? It’s me, Bob Hey, Bob, Come on in. …I’ve been waiting for you … Learn more

Greeting and introduction Hi, Al. How are you? I’m fine. Thank you. And you? I’m doing good Who’s your friend? … Learn more

What do you like to eat for breakfast” I like a large breakfast I like a large lunch A large … Learn more

Ordering food Here is your coffee, Al …And here your water You guys have already ordered? What do you like … Learn more

Check please That was a good breakfast Yes, it was Are you full? I’m very full You ate a lot … Learn more

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How old is your car? Hey, Al. Where is your car? Well, I took it to the repair shop Oh, … Learn more

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A pair of shoes Hi. Those shoes are lovely …can I see them? Which one do you like? That Actare … Learn more

Buying a phone Hey, Michelle Hi, Al. Hi, Bob Hi. Nice to see you again Nice to see you, too … Learn more

Make an appointment for later That was not easy …but I finally found the toilet Are you ready to go … Learn more

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Wanita Yes, I have bad news What is it? I cannot go to the dinner tomorrow Can’t go to the … Learn more