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Twenty years ago, when the Soviet Union collapsed, so did beef production in Russia. Breeding and management programs for beef … Learn more

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A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide pollution that we produce as a result of activities. Some people … Learn more

Japan’s nuclear crisis may mean greater demand for imported food and less competition from Japanese products on world markets. But … Learn more

People in a community on the Pacific coast in Southern California awoke in March to a sea of dead fish. … Learn more

Food prices continue to rise, threatening to push more people into poverty and hunger. Experts have been urging increased efforts … Learn more

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White rice is the world’s most popular form of rice. But it goes through a milling process that removes many … Learn more

Scientists have worked for twelve years to develop what they call Green Super Rice. They say several varieties should be … Learn more

Traditional fisheries may no longer be the world’s most important provider of fish. A new United Nations report shows that … Learn more

The United States Department of Agriculture has given farmers permission to plant genetically engineered sugar beets with some conditions. A … Learn more

Airtight plastic bags can help farmers protect their harvests without the use of harmful chemicals. These bags are designed to … Learn more

The United States is making the first major changes in its food safety rules since the nineteen thirties. A new … Learn more

Sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s highest hunger rate. The United Nations says thirty percent of the people were undernourished last … Learn more

Economists across the world are expressing concern about rising food prices. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recently released … Learn more

People who do not get enough vitamin A in their diet may develop night blindness. But in the developing world … Learn more

For American soldiers, the move from the military to civilian life is not always easy. Military veterans have a thirty-five … Learn more

An evergreen tree is a Christmas tradition in many American homes. The tree is usually a pine or fir dressed … Learn more

An international group has set the limit for the two thousand eleven catch of bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic … Learn more

Two thousand ten was a good year for American farmers. They earned an estimated eighty-two billion dollars. That is almost … Learn more

Recycling programs usually give new life to materials like paper, metal, plastic and glass. But a program in the eastern … Learn more

Thanksgiving Day is America’s version of a harvest festival. The holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Millions … Learn more

Teff is a common part of the diet in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. This nutritious grain is very … Learn more

Farmers know that if you reduce harmful insects and diseases in your crops, you have a chance for a better … Learn more

In nineteen ninety-four, animal health experts started a worldwide campaign to end rinderpest. This disease is closely related to the … Learn more