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Lesson 01: Introduction

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Dialogue 1
Hello, Mrs Smith
…how are you?
Fine.Thank you
Please have a seat
…would you like some coffee or tea?
No.Thank you.I’m fine
Dialogue 2
Good morning, Ms Anderson
…how are you today?
Fine.Thanks .And you?
Fine.Thank you
…please follow me
…we’ll meet in the conference, please
Dialogue 3
Are you Mr Thomas?
Yes, I am
Thank you for coming
Of course
Would you like a glass of water or a cup of
coffee before we begin?
No,thanks .I’m fine
Alright. Then please come with me
Dialogue 4
Hello Mrs Louis?
…could you give me one minute?
…I’ll be right with you
Ok.Thanks for waiting
…please follow me
Please sit down
…how are you doing this morning?
I’m doing fine
…thank you
Thanks for being patient
…things are quite busy here right now
It’s no problem
Dialogue 5
Hello. May I help you?

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