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Lesson 03: Educational Experience

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Educational Background
Dialogue 1
Please tell me about your educational
I graduated form Cornell University in 1994
with a BA in Computer Science
Why did you choose computer science?
Well, Ever since I was young, I have been
interested in computer
…so when I entered university, I thought that a
career in Computer would be a good choice
Have you ever studied outside the University?

Yes, I studied on my own and I took a evening
course in a small computer school
Dialogue 2
Tell me a little about your educational
Sure, I was in History from Houston
University in 1990
…after that I studied in University of Texas
and received my MBA in 1993
Why did you choose University of Texas for
your master degree?
I visited the campus and I met some professor
…and I really liked them
How has your education helped you with this
My education has taught me how to work hard
and succeed
…and has taught me a lot about the society
and business environment
Dialogue 3
Please tell me about further more about your
Well I just graduated from Kansas state
University two months ago with a Bachelor
degree in Business Administration
How was your experience there?
It was good experience for me
…I learned a lot
…It was challenging and rewarding
Dialogue 4
Can you tell me about your education?
Yes, I studied political science at Michigan
State University for four year
…I got my bachelor degree in 1990
…for the last two years, I’ve been attending
Union of Law School at the weekend but I
haven’t finished yet
Do you plan to finish your law degree?
I hope to finish this year
Dialogue 5
Tell me about your educational background
I graduated from Texas Christian University
(TCU) with a Bachelor in accounting
…I also minor in business technology
How has your education helped with your
It taught me basics of accounting and also
about busines
…It taught me how to solve problems and how
to work hard

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