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Lesson 05: Special Skills

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Special Skill
Do have any special skills that would help you
on this job?
Yes, I’m pretty good with computer
…I use Microsoft office a lot
…and I know how the trouble are and solve
these problem
How fast can you type?
I can type 60 words a minute
Any other skills that would help you ?
Well I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese
..and I can read and write it fairly well
Dialogue 2
Do you have any other skills that might help
you in this job?
Yes, I have secretarial experience
…I can answer phone calls, use a computer,
type 60 words/minute and speak French
…I also have good organizational skill
How about doing PR?
Oh, I also have experience with PR
…when I went to an admission in accounting
college, I dealt with the public daily
Dialogue 3
What skills do you have that would help you
with this job?
I have computer experience
…I can use Microsoft NT, Words and Excel
…I speak some Japanese
…and I’m good at sales and net working as
Dialogue 4
What special skills do you have for this job?
I have a good organizational skill
…I worked in the head office administration
for a while
…I have organized the staff and office layout
Do you have any computer skill?
I’m familiar with Microsoft office and I work
with Windows NT
Do you speak any other languages?
I can speak German and some Russian
Dialogue 5
Do you have any special job skills that would
help you do your job?
I have many contacts in the communication
sector from my previous job
…I also have knowledge of Japanese culture
and language.
…I used to live in Tokyo
How is your research skill?
Pretty good.
…I did a lot of research when I was at the
…and I also did a lot of research on the
Internet at my previous job

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