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Lesson 06: The ideal job

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

The ideal job
Dialogue 1
Could you describe your ideal job?
Yes. My ideal job would be challenging but
Tell me more
…why challenging?
Well, I’d like to improve my secretarial skill
…I’d like to be interested in my work
What kind of hours are you looking for?
I’m looking for full time work
…I can work at weekend
…but I’d like the evening off
Dialogue 2
What is your ideal job?
I’d like to be a full time computer
…I prefer working with the team but I also
enjoy working individually
What kinds of hours do you prefer?
I’m flexible but I prefer to have weekend off
Would you be willing to work one day during
the weekend?
Yes, that would be fine
Dialogue 3
Could you describe your ideal job?
What a good question!
…I’d like to work a challenging job in the
…I would like to work for an international
financial company
…I do enjoy doing some travel and meeting
with people
What kind of hours do you like?
I like regular day time hours on weekdays and
Saturday hour once in a while
Dialogue 4
What kind of job is ideal for you?
My ideal job would be working as an office
manager in an international school
…I would like to work in a place that I can use
my French and English skill
…I would like to work study hours without
having to travel too much
Dialogue 5
What would be your ideal job?
I would be a PR representative for Major
international Airline
…I’d love to travel all around the world and
meet all kinds of people

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