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Lesson 10: handling pressure

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Dialogue 1
How do you handle pressure?
I work very well with pressure
…I prepare for it before it come
Can you give me an example?
When I worked at City Bank, we had many
deadlines to meet
…I never waited until the last minute to do my
…I always finished it ahead of time
How do you deal with the public?
I try to treat my customers with respect and
Dialogue 2
How do you handle stressful situations?
I try to stay as calm as possible
…When I’m with the customers, I like to be
respectful and responsible
Can you give me an example of personal
Yes, when I was working with the Universal
System as a secretary
…a customer came in and he was very angry
about his bill
…So I spoke calmly and told him to relax
…Once he’s calmed down
…we talked about the problem and solved it
…He walked away happy and so was I
Dialogue 3
How do you deal with stressful situations at
I’ve had many stressful situations at work
…I always try to stay patient
…Whenever I’m feeling stress, I breathe deeply
to calm down
Is there any else that you do?
I try to talk to people to tell them how I feel
…If I’m having a problem with a customer, I
try to talk politely
…If I have some other kinds of stress at work
…I talk to my colleagues or my boss about
how I feel
…That usually help
Dialogue 4
How do you work under pressure?
Oh, I’m pretty good with pressure
Can you give me an example?
As an accountant, I have to meet monthly
…This can make my work very stressful
…But I’ve learned that working hard and
staying calm always relax me to meet the
Dialogue 5
How do you handle with stressful situations?
I handle with them professionally and
…I’ve had experience with stressful situations
at work
…I always try to prepare myself before
stressful situations happen
…Then when they happen, I can handle them
without any trouble
Can you give me an example?
Sure. If there are 2 phones ringing and
customers waiting to be helped
…I’ll ask the customers if they can wait for a
…Then I’ll answer the phones and put them on
a hold
…Next, I’ll try to help the customers quickly
and politely
…Lastly, I’ll take the phone call

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