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Lesson 11: Others question

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Dialogue 1
Are you able to travel?
Yes, I enjoy traveling
Are you willing to relocate?
Yes, I am
Dialogue 2
Would you be able to travel?
Sure. I don’t mind traveling
What about relocating?
…Would you be able to relocate?
Relocating would be difficult
…You see, I’m in a family with three children
…I guess I could relocate but it would not be
Dialogue 3
Are you able to work weekend?
I’ll be able to work Saturday but not Sunday
Are you able to work added hours?
I prefer to work in the day time but I don’t
mind doing some added hour
Dialogue 4
Are you considering any other jobs?
Yes, I’ve applied to some other position
…I’m considering them as well
We may not be able to let you know about this
position until next week
Are you still interested?
Yes, I’m still very interested
OK, We’ll be in touch by next week then
Thank you very much
Dialogue 5
What are your salary requirements?
I’m looking for at least $30000
This position starts at $30000
…Is this ok?
Yes, That would be fine
…Any other opportunities or advancements?
Yes, you are evaluated for raises and bonuses
every year

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