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Lesson 12: Want (muốn)

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

How’s the weather today?
It’s a little rainy.
Is it cold?
No, it’s cool but not cold
What was the weather like yesterday?
It was sunny and pleasant
What will the weather be like tomorrow?
It will be rainy
I want an apple
I want some medicine
They want some money
He wants a pencil
She wants some pencils
He wants a car
Do you want an apple?
Yes, I do
Does she want some apples?
No, she doesn’t
Do you want a car?
Yes, we do
Do they want some cars?
No, they don’t
I want to eat
You want to play
We want to study
They want to stay home
He wants to swim
She wants to run
Do you want to play?
No, I don’t
Do you want to study?
Yes, we do
Do they want to go out?
No, they don’t
Does she want to sleep?
No, she doesn’t
Does he want to swim?
Yes, he does

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