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Lesson 13: Do you have any questions?

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Do you have any questions?
Dialogue 1
Do you have any questions for me?
Yes, what is the starting salary?
The starting salary is $35000/year, plus
And what is the hour of the job?
The office opens at 7am
…Most people usually take a one-hour lunch
break around noon
…And then leave about 4pm
…But the office doesn’t close until 6pm
…So you can stay later if you like
Dialogue 2
Do you have any questions?
May I ask what responsibilities for this
position are?
Sure. You’ll be expected to be in the office
during office hours which is from 8 am until
5.30 pm, Monday to Friday
…You’ll also be expected to answer incoming
calls and to help walk in customer
…You’ll be also expected to work with typing,
filing and some data entry
Can you tell me about the history of the
The history. Sure
…We started the company in 1980 and we
began in New York
…But we moved here in 1990
…Since then, we’ve opened in 10 states across
the Eastern US
Dialogue 3
Would you like to ask me any questions?
What kind of person are you looking for?
We’re looking for a responsible person who
can handle pressure
…Someone’s good at experience and training
is good but not necessary
Do you offer any kind of educational or
training program for employees?
Yes we offer free computer training for fulltime
…And there’s also some job training at the
Dialogue 4
Do you have any questions?
Yes. What’s the focus of this company?
The focus of our company is to provide the
best service to our customers in the industry
And what’s the starting salary?
The starting annual salary is $26000
…We also provide help insurance for
OK. Do you have the dress code?
Slacks, skirts or long dresses for women
…No T-shirts are short
…Sandals are alright but they must have
straps on the heel
Dialogue 5
Do you have any questions to ask me?
Is this a new position?
No, actually, it’s not
…The last person was transferred to the
branch in Canada
…We need to fill this position immediately
In which country does this company operate?
We have operations in US and Canada
…But we also have partners in Europe who do
business in Germany and UK
May I be asked to travel or relocate?
It’s possible but not likely
Can you describe the corporate culture in this
Sure. Most of our employees are from the
United States
…But we do have some people working here
from Australia, Canada and the UK
…Most of us are young
…But we have people working here who have
been here for over 10 year
…We’re very hard working people, but we like
to have fun
…Sometimes we get together at the weekend

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