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Lesson 16: What do you like to eat for breakfast?

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

What do you like to eat for breakfast”
I like a large breakfast
I like a large lunch
A large lunch makes me sleepy
Any way, what do you recommend for
Pancakes are good
Pancakes. Delicious.What else ?
Do you like eggs?
Yes , I like eggs
Oh, You could have some scrambled egg with
Or a sunny side-up egg ?Yummy!
Or sunny side-up? Right!
Or Omelet?
I love omelet
Cheese omelet, ham omelet, vegetables
Uhm, Mixed fruit.
Mixed fruit with yogurt makes a good
That’s right
And fruit has many vitamins , too
What else?
What else?
You can have a cup of coffee and a blueberry
Muffin and a cup of coffee. Sound good!
So do you know what you want to get ?
Yes, I do and thank you for your
You’re welcome
So what will you get?
A hamburger
A hamburger ?
Yes, and ice cream

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