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Lesson 22: A pair of shoes

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

A pair of shoes
Hi. Those shoes are lovely
…can I see them?
Which one do you like?
That Actare looks really cool
The black ones
The black ones
They are quite lovely, imported from Italy
I’ve been to Italy
…How much are they?
These shoes are $80
$80. That’s so expensive
Not so expensive
…Only $40 for one shoe
Do you have another pair of black shoes?
This pair is only $20
Why are these shoes so much cheaper?
Because they’re made here
Made here? What about the quality?
The quality is very good.
…These shoes will last a long time
How about $15 for the pair?
Oh, I’m sorry. Not enough. $18
I’ll give you $16
Ok.For you special price , $16
Would you like a bag?
No, that’s Ok. Thanks anyway
…I’ll wear them

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