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Lesson 25: Make an appointment for later

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Make an appointment for later
That was not easy
…but I finally found the toilet
Are you ready to go Bob?
Yes, Al. I’m ready
Do you want to invite Michelle?
Hey,Michele. Would you like to go see a movie
with us?
Wow, That sounds like fun
…when will you go?
We will be going in about another 10 minutes

10 minutes?
…that is too soon
…I have to wait for the staff to arrive
When will the staff arrive?
About an hour
…please go on without me
Oh, no no.We can wait
No, go on without me
What about after the movie?
…will you be free then ,Michelle?
I’m supposed to meet a friend in about 2
…and then I’m just going home
So you’re busy then
Why don’t you stop here after the movie and
tell me how it was?
That will be great. OK
We’ll see you here after the movie in about 2
It sounds great

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