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Lesson 26: Choosing a movie

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Choosing a movie
Wow, this is a big theatre
They have 10 movie screens
Do you want to see every movie?
I don’t think so
…I think one movie is enough
What’s this about?
I’m a lady, too
…that’s a foreign film
…It’s about a transsexual volleyball team
…I’ve seen it
How about “The Trek”?
…have you seen “The Trek”?
Not yet
It’s an action movie
…I want to see that ,too
Oh , but it’s not out yet
Oh, yeah, coming soon
Have you seen “our two hearts”?
What’s that about?
A love story about a man and woman..
Enough. If it’s a love story, I don’t want to
watch it
Why not? It’s so sad and romantic
That’s right
…and the last time we watched a love story,
you cried
…I remember that
It was such a good story
Let’s watch a comedy
Ok. I like to laugh
How about “Fool School”?
…I’ve read about that in the newspaper?
…It’s supposed to be very funny
Ok. Let’s watch “Fool School”
…but we’d better hurry
…It starts in 10 minutes
Perfect.Just enough time to get tickets and go
to the snack bar

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