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Lesson 28: Making a date

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Making a date
Hi, Michelle.This is Al
Hi, Al. How are you?
Fine, thank you
I’m calling to see if you and Wanita are free
this Thursday
Why? What’s happening this Thursday?
If you and Wanita are free, I would like to
invite you to dinner
Oh, dinner? This Thursday?
Oh, I’m not free but Wanita is
Oh, That’s too bad
I’m sure Bob will be sad to hear that
Oh, Bob will be there , too
Yes, of course
Ok.Let me check my schedule one more time
Ok.Hey, guess what?
I’m free that evening
And how about Wanita?
Let me ask her
Yes, she seems to be free, too
Great. Can we meet at 7pm?
Yes. Where shall we meet?
How about KFC?
I’m just joking
Actually, I’m making reservation at the
Salteaux Demy
Is that an expensive French restaurant?
Yes, but I have a coupon
Eat four, pay two
Oh, that’s great
So We’ll meet there at 7 pm
7pm this Thursday
We will be there
Ok.bye bye

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