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Lesson 29: Going to the shop

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Going to the shop
Michelle, I’m going to going to the corner
…do you want to buy anything?
Wait! Where are you going?
The corner store, you know, Seven Eleven.
…do you want anything?
Yeah. I’d like a loaf of bread
Ok. Be right back
Wait !
That’s something else
A loaf of bread and something else?
I know, a roll of tissue
Right. I’m so glad that you said that we’re out
of tissue
…ok. I’ll be right back
Wait! Can you check whether they have
today’s newspaper?
I think by know they’ve been out of today
Well, If they have it, great. If they don’t, forget
about it
Ok. I’ll be back
Just remember something
…can you get me some toothpaste?
Some toothpaste?
Yes. Mint flavor
Ok.I’ll be back
And a large of laundry soap
Do you have a pen?
…I’d better right this down
Bread and tissue
And newspapers if they have them
Soap .right?
Oh, I know.A light bulb for my closet
A light bulb for your closet ?
Wait! I changed my mind
Changed your mind?
I’ll buy it myself tomorrow

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