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Level A test – Exam 10

07.31.2011, Level A test, by .

English testing level A – Exam 10

1. I think she ________ to say a few words about her experiments during the congress.

2. My son goes ________ bed at nine o’clock.

3. She has forgotten ________ her coat.

4. John ________ in Trent, and I live in Burton.

5. Please ask her ________.

6. It’s ________ . Give it to them.

7. Do you know that woman? Yes, I know ________.

8. ________ you got a transistor radio at home?

9. I ________ to her since last Wednesday morning.

10. They ________ in Warsaw for about ten years.

11. I won’t go to Cambridge if it ________ tomorrow.

12. He is my brother. ________ name is Bill.

13. – What do you think of his presence here? – The longer he stays, ________ I dislike him.

14. I’m sorry, I didn’t see my Uncle yesterday, I wish ________.

15. She’d rather stay at home than ________ shopping.

16. – Which city did you like most? – I enjoyed all of the cities on the tour, but the city ________ I enjoyed most was Miami, Florida.

17. This box is ________ than that one.

18. – When did you go to work? – As soon as they came in, we ________ to work.

19. If she ________ call me, she could do so.

20. He had a good ________ of the examination result when he saw his daughter’s face.

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