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Level A test – Exam 6

07.31.2011, Level A test, by .

English testing level A – Exam 6

1. Dick and Joan greeted ________.

2. Come tomorrow and ________ your books with you.

3. It’s very dark here: please switch the light ________.

4. Is the day sunny? No, ________ is dark.

5. Betty is my friend. She is a friend of ________.

6. When do you go ________ bed?

7. He is ________ a jacket.

8. Smith went abroad last year. ________ abroad before.

9. Would you mind ________ the door?

10. ________ your glasses on the table?

11. – A: ________ you? – B: Yes, please get my luggage from the car.

12. ________ form of transport is as popular as the private car.

13. Yesterday we did nothing but ________.

14. We haven’t heard ________ the result was.

15. This is the second time that you have been here, ________?

16. They gave ________ looking for her when it grew dark.

17. This year the farmers were just able to gather in the ________ before the fine weather came to an end.

18. There are many ________ on television where a team of people have to answer questions.

19. ________ you angry with him?

20. – You’ve been sick quite a few times since you arrived. – I just can’t ________ to the cold weather.

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