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Level B test – Exam 23

08.01.2011, Level B test, by .

English testing level B – Exam 23

1. Can you see the woman ________ the right?

2. I still have ________ time to spare.

3. The country has a system of ________, most of which date from the nineteenth century.

4. I had quite ________ on my way to work this morning.

5. I think he should ________ a room in one of the hotels.

6. Would you mind ________ the window?

7. Jack ________ me anything about his holiday plans so far.

8. I’m very tired – I ________ all morning.

9. I’d like to know what you do for ________.

10. Alex didn’t come to see the film last night because he ________ it before.

11. I ________ bacon and eggs every morning.

12. If Bob ________ with us, he would have had a good time.

13. I always put my best ________ in a safe-deposit box.

14. The only way to get ________ in this company is to work hard and make no mistakes.

15. “There are ________ leftovers for you in the fridge”, she cried out.

16. He is a good student. He always ________ his hand.

17. – What will we do today? – Let’s go for a walk, ________?

18. Human beings, as distinct from ________ animals, can think for themselves.

19. The temple is only ________ drive from the station.

20. Elementary school children, who have not yet been repeatedly disappointed by other people, are much more ________ than older and more cynical high school students.

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