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Level B test – Exam 3

08.01.2011, Level B test, by .

English testing level B – Exam 3

1. Mr. Walker’s new ________ fitted so badly across the shoulders that he took it back to the shop to complain.

2. I’ll go on holiday ________ I can.

3. Would you like ________ that for you?

4. They ________ our new transistor radio before.

5. She said she ________ to me, but she didn’t.

6. If it ________ so late we could have coffee.

7. Frankly, I’d rather you ________ anything about it for the time being.

8. I wish that the weather ________ not so warm.

9. I walked away as calmly as I could ________ they thought I was the thief.

10. Although he has ________, his poor writing often clouds his thoughts.

11. She’s gone already? And I am only ________ minutes late!

12. When he was questioned by the police, the thief didn’t ________ the truth.

13. To get money for some purpose is to ________.

14. I ran quickly ________ late.

15. I bought ________ yesterday.

16. – What does he do for a living? – He is ________ .

17. ________ there in time, we must start now.

18. They have made a lot of progress ________ the country became independent.

19. The Boeing 747 is twice ________ the Boeing 707.

20. They are hanging up their clothes to make them ________.

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