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Level C test – Exam 22

08.02.2011, Level C test, by .

English testing level C – Exam 22

1. There is a ________ of $10.000 for information leading to the arrest of criminals.

2. He didn’t pay for the meal himself – he put it on his company’s ________ account.

3. I knew him ________ I was a child.

4. We ________ them run away from the accident.

5. I only have ________ days left in England, so I want to see as much as possible before I go.

6. He pretended that he agreed with me to avoid ________ my feelings.

7. Many fires could be ________ if new regulations were introduced.

8. My watch had stopped so I had no way of knowing the right ________.

9. A professor recently came ________ an unknown poem by Shakespeare while he was looking through an old book.

10. I could never beat Harry at chess; I’m just not in his ________.

11. Too much exercise can be harmful but walking is good ________ you.

12. I find it difficult to talk to Cecilia because we have so ________ in common.

13. Daniel’s attitude ________ his parents is very disrespectful.

14. Surely David’s not going to drive, ________ he?

15. You ________ pay for this information. It’s free.

16. You learn a language best ________.

17. It is generally assumed, however, that urgent discussions will continue ________ to bring the two sides together.

18. His house is nothing out of the ________, it’s just an average four-room house.

19. a ladies’ man = ________.

20. Mary was very annoyed that her secretary did not meet her deadlines, and she warned her that her laziness and ________ could result in her dismissal.

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