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25 Minutes – học tiếng anh qua bài hát

07.21.2015, Learning English by song, Tieng Anh Qua Bai Hat, by .

Select Play button. Listen and fill in the blanks with suggest words

After Chorus I'm She Still be can didn't dress happy
hearts her in kisses minutes she's sorry standing the

some time Ive finally made up my mind

is the girl and I really want to make mine

I'm searching everywhere to find her again

To tell her I love her

And I'm 'bout the things Ive done

I find her in front of the church

The only place town where I didn't search

She looks so in her wedding dress

But she's crying while saying this


Boy I missed your all the time but this is

Twenty five too late

Though you travelled so far boy sorry you are

Twenty five minutes too late

Against the wind I'm going home again

Wishing back to the time when we were more than


Still I see her in front of church

The only place in town where I search

She looks so happy in her wedding

But she's cried while she's saying this

Out in the streets

Places where hungry have nothing to eat

Inside my head

I can hear the words she said

I still hear what she said




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