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Archive for the ‘Grammar in use’ Category

UNIT 31 -Must and have toExercises

UNIT 34 -Should (2)Exercises

UNIT 33 -Should (1)Exercises

UNIT 32 -Must, mustn’t, needn’tExercises

UNIT 37 -If I do… and If I did…Exercises

UNIT 36 -Can/Could/Would you…?Exercises

UNIT 35 -Had better. It’s time…Exercises

UNIT 39 -If I had known… I wish I had knownExercises

UNIT 38 -If I knew… I wish I knewExercises

UNIT 40 -Would. I wish… wouldExercises

UNIT 43 -Passive (3)Exercises

UNIT 42 -Passive (2)Exercises

UNIT 41 -Passive (1)Exercises

UNIT 45 -Have something doneExercises

UNIT 44 -It is said that… He is said to.. (be) supposed toExercises

UNIT 48 -Question (1)Exercises

UNIT 47 -Reported Speech (2)Exercises

UNIT 46 -Reported Speech (1)Exercises

UNIT 50 -Auxiliary verbsExercises

UNIT 49 -Question (2)Exercises

UNIT 51 -Questions tagsExercises

UNIT 54 -Verb+(object)+to… (I want (you) to do…etcExercises

UNIT 53 -Verb+to… (decide to do/forget to do, etc.)Exercises

UNIT 52 -Verb + -ingExercises

UNIT 55 -Verb + -ing or to…(1)Exercises

UNIT 57 -Verb + -ing or to (3)Exercises

UNIT 56 -Verb + -ing or to…(2)Exercises

UNIT 60 -Be/get used to something (I’m used to…)Exercises

UNIT 59 -Preposition (in/for/about etc.) + -ingExercises

UNIT 58 -Prefer and would ratherExercises