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Discuss the part that money plays in our live

09.21.2011, Essay sample, by .

Money plays an important part in our lives. Inseveral aspects it is the most important thing in life. It is therefore much sought after.
Without we could not buy our food, clothes and all the other things that we need to live comforably. We require money to travel, to buy medicine when we are ill and also to pay for the services rendered to us by others. In truth money is almost indispensable to our survival. Most of our activities are therefore directed towards earning as much money as possible
We use money not only to meet the basic needs of life but also to pay for own advancement. We use it for education which helps us to live a better life. Thousands of students are unable to attend school or continue their studies for want of money. Lack of money also causes great hardship and sorrow in hundreds of hamilies. Thousands of people are dying everyday throughout the world because they are not able to pay their doctors fee or because thay cannot buy nutritious food.
As money is so important, many crimes are committed everyday in all partsor the world to gain possession f it. Some are driven by hunger and desperation to steal, rob, and even kill to get at least what they reqiure to keep body and soul together. Others commit the most sereous crimes out of sheer greed for money. Such people cause trouble and unpleasantness in society, and to bring them to justice, large sums of money are spent by every govement.
Today, millions of dollas are being spent by the various govements in the world for the betterment of the people. Numerous schools and hospitals are being built, and hundreds or acres or land are being cultivated to produce more food for the growing population of the world. As a result, the world is gradually becoming a better place to live in.
At the same time, however, much money is being waste in producing deadly weapon of war. Countries which have more money than the others have become more powerful by strengthening their armed forces. This has led to rivalries among powerful nations and several parts of the world are in turmoil. All this shows what an important part money plays in human affairs.

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