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Donna Donna – hoc tieng anh qua bai hat

07.21.2015, Learning English by song, Tieng Anh Qua Bai Hat, by .

Select Play button. Listen and fill in the blanks with suggest words

On are be half has said swallow why winds with

a wagon, bound for market

Theres a calf a mournful eye

High above him, theres a

Winging swiftly through the sky

How the are laughing

They laugh with all their might

Laugh and laugh the whole day through

And the summers night

Donna donna?

Stop complaining, the farmer

Who told you a calf to ?

Why dont you have wings to fly with

Like the swallow so proud and free

Calves easily bound and slaughtered

Never knowing the reason

But whoever treasures freedom

Like the swallow learned to fly




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