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Lesson 04: Previous job experience

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Previous job experience
Dialogue 1
“Can you tell me about your previous job
experience please
While I studied at university, I worked as an
intern at Avery Publishing
..I worked in the main office
..after I graduated, I worked in the same place,
..I work in administration at the main office
..I was there for four year
Tell me about your experience there
As an office intern, I just helped with office
…when I became full time, I was
administration assistant
…I helped my boss with her project
How do you like the company?
I like the company very much
…the people are very nice and we work
together very well
Dialogue 2
Please tell me about your previous job
Well I’ve been a secretary for 10 years now
…I first started in 1991 with Johnson and
…I worked there for 6 year
…I left when I got married and we moved to
…then I worked in United Parcel Services
(UPS) for four year
Has your experience been good?
Yes, I’ve learned a lot about management and
developed my job skill
Dialogue 3
Could you please describe your previous job
Yes I graduated from university in1990
…and started working for Sanwa Bank
I’ve been with Sanwa Bank up until now
Why are you leaving?
I’m looking for a job with more responsibility
and flexibility
Were you ever promoted?
Yeah, twice
And how would you describe your experience
It was a good experience
…the people are great, the benefits are good
…but I’m still looking for better prospect
Dialogue 4
Please tell me about your previous work
I’ve been working in sales and marketing for
3years now
…The first company that I worked for, Mini
Ware went out of business just one year
…I then went to work for Universe System for
2 years and have just been laid off
Dialogue 5
Can you tell me about your past work history
When I studied at university, I volunteered to a
local hospital
…after I graduated, I worked at St Andrew
hospital for about 3 years as a nurse
…after that, I worked in the hospital
administration of the Red Cros
…and I’ve been there until now


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