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Lesson 09: Reasons for leaving a previous job

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Reasons for leaving a previous job
Dialogue 1
Why did you leave your previous job?
My company was downsizing because of the
…So I was laid off
…Other people have worked there for over ten
…I only worked there for 2 so I was laid off
Dialogue 2
What are the reasons for leaving your last
They cut my hours.
…I wanted to work full time
…But they only want a part time worker
Dialogue 3
Why are you looking for another job?
There is no growth potential at my current
…I would like to work for a company that has
more room to grow
Dialogue 4
Could you tell me why you decided to leave
your current job?
There’re problems inside the company
…Some of the managers do not agree with the
company policy
Can you be more specific?
The company does not to want to allow full
investment in management
…But some others agree
Dialogue 5
Why did you resign from your previous
My company has opened some branches in
other parts of the country
…My boss told me I had to transfer
…I couldn’t move so I had to resign

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