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Lesson 14: Getting a job offer

10.11.2012, Finding Job, by .

Getting a job offer
Dialogue 1
I’d like to offer you the job
…Are you still interested?
Yes, I am. When can I start?
How is Monday?
It’ll be good
Ok. Then I’ll see you on Monday at 8am
Ok. I’ll see you then
Ok. Bye bye
Dialogue 2
Are you still interested in the job?
Yes, I am
When can you start?
Well, I’ll have to give notice at my present job
…I’ll be able to start in 2 weeks’ time
Sounds good . So you can start on Monday the
20th then
Sure. See you then
Ok. Oh, please remember to bring your ID
card and passport
…We need them to make copies for our
Sure. No problem.I’ll see you on the 20th
Ok then. Good bye
Dialogue 3
Mr Smith, I’d like to offer you the job
…Are you still interested?
Yes, I am
Great. Could you start tomorrow?
Tomorrow is fine
Ok. Why don’t you come at 9 o’clock?
…We’ll give you a tour and have you fill out
some paper work
Please bring a list of references and two
passport photo
Ok. I’ll see you then
Dialogue 4
Well, I’ve talked to the others and we decided
to offer you the job
…Would you like to work for us?
Yes, I’m ready to start as soon as possible
Great. We’d like you to be here at 7 o’clock on
the morning of the 3rd of the next month
Ok. I’ll see you then
Is there anything else you would like to know?

Oh yes, where can I park my car?
You can park your car downstairs in the
parking lot for free
Ok. I’ll see you on the 3rd
Dialogue 5
I’d like to offer you the position
…Do you still want it?
Thank you but I’ve accepted the other job
Oh. Well, that’s ok
…Good luck to you
Thank you
You’re welcome

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