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Lesson 14: Visiting a friend

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Visiting a friend
Hello! Who is this?
It’s me, Bob
Hey, Bob, Come on in.
…I’ve been waiting for you
How are you?
I’m OK.
…I’m still a little bit sleepy.
…I haven’t had my coffee yet
I understand
Do you want something to drink?
Do you have any fresh squeezed orange
No, I’m out of orange juice
Would you like some grape juice?
Grape juice?
…That would be great
Oh, sorry
Out of grape juice, too
That’s too bad
Have you had breakfast yet?
No. Have you?
No, I haven’t
Are you hungry?
Yes, I am
Let’s go out and get something to eat
Ok. That sounds good
My aunt has a breakfast shop near here
Great . Let’s go there
Ok. Let’s go.

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