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Lesson 17: Ordering food

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Ordering food
Here is your coffee, Al
…And here your water
You guys have already ordered?
What do you like to have for
I usually like to have an omelet
That sounds good
I’ll have a cheese omelet
Ok. One omelet
Do you have pancakes?
Yes, how many would you like?
Three, please
And bacon
Three pancakes and bacon
Would you like toast?
Toast? Toast sounds good . Yes
…Three pieces of toast
Would you like anything else?
Do you have any fresh fruit?
Yes. Today we have fruit salad.
Ok. fruit salad and that’s all
How about you Bob?
…What would you like to eat?
I’d like hamburger and ice-cream
Excuse me?
I would like hamburger and ice-cream
A hamburger and ice cream for
…Are you crazy?
No, I’m hungry
Ok. One hamburger
What kind of ice cream do you want?
What kind of ice cream do you have?
We have chocolate, vanilla and
Vanilla, please

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