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Lesson 18: Check please

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Check please
That was a good breakfast
Yes, it was
Are you full?
I’m very full
You ate a lot
I was so hungry
…I could have eaten a horse
Good thing is that we didn’t go to the race
That reminds me
…What are we going to do today?
Let’s go and see a movie
Let’s pay the bill first
…Then we’ll go see a movie
Ok. We’ll see a movie
Wanita, check please
Ok. Just a moment
Would you like to pay together or separate?
Oh, my god. I forgot my money
That’s Ok
…I have enough
Together, please
Ok. The total for breakfast is $10.30
My aunt usually gives me a 50% discount
Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot
…That would be 5.15
Here $7
…You can keep the change
Really? Keep the change?
Yes, it’s tip for you
Thank you ,Al
Thanks, Al
I’ll pay you back when we get to an ATM
Don’t worry
…Just breakfast
I’ll get lunch
Are you sure?
…I eat a lot
I forgot about that

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