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Lesson 20: How old is your car?

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

How old is your car?
Hey, Al. Where is your car?
Well, I took it to the repair shop
Oh, Did you have an accident?
No, I left it with the mechanic for a tune-up
When will it be ready?
The mechanic said it’d be ready on Monday
That’s such a long time
Yeah, it is a long time
Are you planning going on a trip?
No, I just take it to the mechanic every 3000
kilometers, though
Why do you do that?
It’s very old. It needs a lot of care
How old is your car?
It’s a 1975 model
Huh, That’s not so old
…my grandmother was born in 1912
Well, I guess, compared to your grandmother,
my car isn’t that old
Hey, wait a minute, How are we going to get
to the movie?
Well, we can walk or go by train
… It’s up to you
Are you crazy?
The shopping mall is much too far
In that case, we’ll go by train

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