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Lesson 23: Buying a phone

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Buying a phone
Hey, Michelle
Hi, Al. Hi, Bob
Hi. Nice to see you again
Nice to see you, too
Hey, Al. Are they new shoes?
Yes, they are
…Thank you to noticing
Al’s got a new pair of shoes
…and I’m going to get a new phone today
Well, You’ve come to the right place
Have you ever had a mobile phone before?
No, This will be my first phone
Don’t worry. It’s easy
May I ask? Why do want a phone?
Because Al won’t let me borrow his any
That’s a good reason
Why else?
Everybody else seems to have a mobile phone
…Maybe I should have one ,too
That’s another good reason
So What features would you like?
A loud ring tone like….
Bob, Take it easy
It should vibrate
I recommend this one
This one. Great. Thanks
I’ll take it
Hey, Al. Do you like my new phone?
Al, Is something wrong?

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