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Lesson 24: Directions to the toilet

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Directions to the toilet
Al, Is something wrong?
No, I’m OK. Do you have a toilet here?
Oh, no. I’m so sorry
…there is no toilet in this shop
Ok. Where is a toilet?
There’s a public toilet close to here
Where? Where is it?
Oh, It’s really hard to find it if you don’t know
where it is
Hurry ,please
Ok. OK.
Go out the door, and take a left
Ok.Out the door and left.And then?
And walk 50 meters until you see a pet fish
shop fish shop and then?
And there you see a staircase there
…go down the stair
Ok OK. Up the stair and then?
No , no, no, not up the stair, down the stair
Ok. Down the stair and then ?
And then you’ll see a waterfall
And then?
And then take a right
Ok, right at the waterfall
…and then?
And the toilet is there
Thank you. Thank you
…so out the door and right or left?
Maybe I should draw you a map
Never mind
…I’ll find the toilet myself
Hey, good luck
Call me if you get lost

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