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Lesson 27: What a coincidence!

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

What a coincidence!
Hey. Michelle
We’re back
Hi,Michelle. I forget my phone
I know
…I kept it for you
Did you like the movie?
Yes, it was really funny
…I laughed a lot
What movie was it?
It was called “Fool School”
…It’s a very nice theater upstairs
…It’s very comfortable
…and Al ate a lot
…the food there was really good
Oh, excuse me!
Hello. OK. See you soon .Bye bye
That was my friend
…she’s coming soon
Where is she now?
We were just up the stair
The theater is upstairs
You know, I can’t wait to go back the snack
bar there
Here’s my friend
Hello, Al.Hey, Bob
You know each other
I’ve known Wanita for a long time
And I met Wanita just today
You are kidding
Wanita is my roommate
Yes, we’re roommate
What a coincidence!
Yes, What a coincidence!
Hey,We should all go out sometime
It could be fun !
It sounds like a great idea
Why don’t we have dinner or something?
Sound great
Sorry, not tonight.I’m too tired
How about later in the week?

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