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Lesson 30: Wanita

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

Yes, I have bad news
What is it?
I cannot go to the dinner tomorrow
Can’t go to the dinner?
…why not?
I forgot
…I have a dentist appointment
Oh, That’s no problem
…just cancel it
I can’t
Sure you can
…It’s easy
…just call the dentist office and cancel it
No, you don’t understand
…he is a popular dentist
…It will take me another month just to make
another appointment
Well, why are you going to the dentist?
…are you in pain?
No, I have to have a cavity filled
…not so a problem
I can fill it for you right here
That’s alright
…I was just really excited about going to the
dinner with Al
I know. I feel terrible
That’s OK. Are you free on Friday?
Yeah, in the evening
Me, too
Maybe we can move the date to Friday
Good idea
I’ll call Al and see if we can postpone until
That sounds perfect

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