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Lesson 9: What sports can you play?

11.06.2010, Tieng anh giao tiep, by .

What sports can you play?
I can play tennis, basketball, football, and
…What about you?
…What sport can you play?
I can play baseball, badminton and football
Can you swim?
Of course.
Can you?
No, but my brother can
…And he can teach me
Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Pronouns
It is my bag / it’s my bag
It is your watch / it’s your watch
It is his book / it’s his book
It is our camera / it’s our camera
It is their house / It’s their house
It is John’s hand phone /It’s John’s hand
It is Mary’s hat / It’s Mary’ hat
Whose bag is this?
It’s mine
It’s yours
It’s hi
It’s her
It’s John’
It’s Mary’
It’s our
It’s your
It’s their
Is it your bag?
Yes, it’s mine
Is this his watch?
No, it’s yours
Is it John’s hand phone?
Yes, it’s his
Is it my hat?
No, it’s hers
Is it your camera?
Yes, it’s ours
Is it our book?
No, it’s his
Is it John and Mary‘s house?
Yes, it’s their
Whose bag is that?
It’s mine
Whose book is this?
It’s his
Whose car is that?
It’s hers
Whose hat is this?
It’s Mary’s
Whose clothes are those?
They’re John’s
Whose shoes are these?
They’re yours
Whose pens are these?
They’re ours
Whose clothes are those?
They’re yours

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