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Level A test – Exam 22

07.31.2011, Level A test, by .

English testing level A – Exam 22

1. This car is ________ for us to buy. We are not that rich.

2. Put ________ money in your pocket!

3. I went to Madrid and stayed ________ friends.

4. I told them about it, but ________ listened.

5. I won’t let you ________ there.

6. We live in Brighton, England. ________ house is on High Street.

7. ________ walkman is yellow.

8. Why do you ________ pass you the map?

9. ________ means has been considered.

10. Those interested in the post of Assistant Manager are requested to apply ________.

11. You can stay here ________ you don’t make a loud noise.

12. The final ________ of the play will take place on Saturday.

13. Famine occurs when all the people in an area have hardly ________ food.

14. The disease ________ widely, all over the country.

15. When I see Barbara in the street, she always ________ at me.

16. We visited a college ________ in 1980.

17. – Who should go to see him? – I suggest that Mary ________ to see him.

18. We are too late. The plane ________ off ten minutes ago.

19. I can’t help you, and he can’t help you ________.

20. Your friends won’t be here for long, ________?

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