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No Matter What – Học tiếng anh qua bài hát

07.21.2015, Learning English by song, Tieng Anh Qua Bai Hat, by .

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I No Then What all are believe
born know life matter night no own safe
shine they us what

matter what they tell us

No matter what do

No matter what they teach us

we believe is true

No matter how call us

No matter how they attack

matter where they take us

Well find our way back

I can't deny what I

I can't be what I'm not

Ill our love forever

I know no matter what

If only tears were laughter

If only was day

If only prayers were answered

we would hear god say

No matter they tell you

No matter what they do

No matter what they teach you

What you is true

And I will keep you and strong

And sheltered from the storm

matter where it's barren

A dream is being

No matter who they follow

No where they lead

No matter how they judge

Ill be everyone you need

No if the sun don't shine

(the sun don't )

Or if the skies are blue

(skies blue)

No matter what the ending

My began with you

I can't deny what believe

(what I believe)

I can't be I'm not

(I know I know)

I this love's forever

That's all that matters now, matter what

no no matter what..

no no matter what..

(no no matter that's that matters to me)




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