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Sleeping Child – Học tiếng anh qua bài hát

07.21.2015, Learning English by song, Tieng Anh Qua Bai Hat, by .

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Ill The They To all child for gonna no own
peace sleeping the would

Milky Way upon the heaven

Is twinkling just you

And Mr. Moon he came by

say goodnight to you

Ill sing for you sing for mother

Were praying for the world

And for the people everywhere

Gonna show them we care

Chorus :*%

Oh my sleeping the world's so wild

But youve built your paradise

That's one reason why Ill cover you child

If all the people around the world

They had a mind like yours

We'd have fighting and no wars

There would be lasting on Earth

If all the kings and all leaders

Could see you here this way

would hold the Earth in their arms

They learn to watch you play


I'm cover my sleeping child

Keep you away from world so wild




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