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Passing a message Hello, Al. It’s Wanita Oh hey, Wanita. …how are you this evening? Not so good, sorry to … Learn more

Making a reservation I’m glad they called Because you like Michelle Well, yes but I forgot to make a reservation … Learn more

At the restaurant This is a nice restaurant Yes, thank you for inviting u I hear the food is deliciou … Learn more

Making a toast The dinner was deliciou And the company was excellent I’m glad you like your picture, Wanita Yes, … Learn more

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At the airport Check in Good morning sir …can I see your ticket and passport? Certainly .There you are Thank … Learn more

Asking for assistance Stopping someone Excuse me? …I’ve just arrived here …and I’ve been waiting at the baggage carousel for … Learn more

At the hotel Reception desk Good evening, sir Evening. I’d like to check in please Certainly ,sir. Do you have … Learn more

At the restaurant Welcome Hello, sir …are you dining alone? Table for one, please Smoking or non smoking? Non smoking … Learn more

Using different kind of service Room Service Good morning, Room Service. How can I help you? Good morning. I’d like … Learn more



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