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Since January, lenders have seized or begun the process to seize about two million American homes. In September alone, banks … Learn more

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In September, President Obama proposed new measures to lift the economy. The central bank in its latest report said there … Learn more

I’m Alex Villarreal with the VOA Special English Economics Report. America’s biggest carmaker accepted fifty billion dollars in federal aid … Learn more

I’m Alex Villarreal with the VOA Special English Economics Report. Businesses are structured in different ways to meet different needs. … Learn more

In August, Verizon and Google proposed a plan they say could keep the Internet open while supporting investment in high-speed … Learn more

Mark Hurd got credit for building Hewlett-Packard into the world’s largest technology company. H-P is the top seller of personal … Learn more

BlackBerry service is facing limits or bans in some countries over the issue of government access to information on its … Learn more

One of the largest air shows in the United States is also one of the largest trade shows in the … Learn more

On July twenty-first, President Obama signed into law the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. He said: “These reforms … Learn more

voalearningenglishRecently, the United States Supreme Court decided a case on the property rights of inventors. The question was whether a … Learn more

The International Monetary Fund has raised its prediction for world economic growth to four and six-tenths percent this year. That … Learn more

Concerns about a double-dip recession were back in the news at the end of June. Some economists warned of the … Learn more

In June, leaders and top finance officials from the world’s twenty biggest economies gathered in Toronto, Canada. One of the … Learn more

Factory labor built China into the world’s third largest economy, after the United States and Japan. Now something else is … Learn more

The month of June means one more big test for many students finishing college — a test of the job … Learn more

BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies. It reported a profit of about six billion dollars in the … Learn more

People are supposed to be social on a social media website. But choosing to share information is not the same … Learn more

Officials in Washington recently lost a ruling over their power to enforce competition on the Internet. Now the Federal Communications … Learn more

European Union officials agreed on a debt rescue plan in May. They also got a message from Britain’s new governing … Learn more

Greece’s debt crisis has shaken investors in the United States and worldwide. They worry that it could spread far beyond … Learn more

Sometimes, financial news can be hard to understand. A former official of Goldman Sachs investment bank explained what his group … Learn more

Air traffic over much of Europe came to a halt for six days in April because of the huge cloud … Learn more

President Obama turned his attention to financial reform after his victory in March on health care. On April fourteenth he … Learn more

Two American rulings could change how information is controlled online and in our bodies. In April, a federal appeals court … Learn more

More than fifty countries and organizations have promised to give more than five billion dollars to help Haiti rebuild after … Learn more