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More than two hundred eighty million people around the world have vision problems or are blind. The World Health Organization … Learn more

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Builders in developing countries are often not required to build strong buildings. So, when a disaster strikes, the damage is … Learn more

Tens of thousands of people travel to Austin, Texas each year to attend the South by Southwest festival. The festival … Learn more

A powerful earthquake struck the northeastern coast of Japan at two forty-six p.m. local time on March eleventh. Japan’s Meteorological … Learn more

A new survey finds that more than eighty percent of Internet users in the United States search for health information … Learn more

An IBM super computer named Watson has won the latest battle of man versus machine. Watson won the first ever … Learn more

In January, a five-day Internet shutdown in Egypt failed to stop the protests that forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign. … Learn more

Silicon Valley in Northern California is home to many of the world’s largest technology companies. These include Apple, Google, Oracle, … Learn more

A shortwave radio might seem like ancient technology these days. But for some people, it remains their only link to … Learn more

A new Internet training center in Togo will give young people in that part of West Africa a chance to … Learn more

Dogs are known for a strong sense of smell. Their noses can be trained to identify different odors. Dogs are … Learn more

Egypt’s government faced international criticism when it blocked Internet service to try to suppress the uprising there. But Egyptian activists … Learn more

Tablet computers were the stars of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The international gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the … Learn more

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Today we tell about some of the top technology developments of the last ten years. The technological revolution is changing … Learn more

A report by the Consumer Electronics Association says electronics were among the most popular gifts bought this holiday season. It … Learn more

Representatives from some of the world’s leading broadband service providers and equipment manufacturers met in San Diego, California in December. … Learn more

Mobile phone technology is quickly changing the way the world operates. Today, we tell about two new projects involving mobile … Learn more

A new website plans to use social media to help women in Egypt fight unwanted sexual attention. The website is … Learn more

High-quality systems used in video conferencing are called telepresence systems. The images are life-size yet not truly lifelike. They lack … Learn more

A hologram is a three-dimensional image — an image that appears to have height, width and depth.More than thirty years … Learn more

The world has almost seven billion people. At least two billion are expected to be on the Internet by January. … Learn more

Each year, Americans throw away millions of tons of electronic devices. That means business is good for a small electronics … Learn more

Before we changed the name, we went on our Facebook page and asked for story ideas. Some of you suggested … Learn more