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Archive for the ‘Grammar in use’ Category

UNIT 61 -Verb + preposition + -ingExercises

UNIT 64 -Adjective + to…Exercises

UNIT 63 -To…, for… and so that… (purpose)Exercises

UNIT 62 -Expressions + -ingExercises

UNIT 66 -See somebody do and see somebody doingExercises

UNIT 65 -To…(afraid to do) and preposition + -ingExercises

UNIT 68 -Countable and uncountable nouns (1)Exercises

UNIT 67 -ing clausesExercises

UNIT 71 -A/an and theExercises

UNIT 70 -Countable nouns with a/an and someExercises

UNIT 69 -Countable and uncountable nouns (2)Exercises

UNIT 73 -The (2)Exercises

UNIT 72 -The (1)Exercises

UNIT 74 -The (3)Exercises

UNIT 77 -Names with and without the (2)Exercises

UNIT 76 -Names with and without the (1)Exercises

UNIT 75 -The (4)Exercises

UNIT 79 -Noun + nounExercises

UNIT 78 -Singular and pluralExercises

UNIT 80 –‘s (the girl’s name) and of…Exercises

UNIT 81 -A friend of mine.My own house. On my own/by myselfExercises

UNIT 84 -Some and anyExercises

UNIT 83 -There… and it…Exercises

UNIT 82 -Myself/yourself/themselves/Exercises

UNIT 87 -All/all of most/most of, no/none of etcExercises

UNIT 86 -Much, many, little, few, a lot, plentyExercises


UNIT 89 -All, every and wholeExercises

UNIT 88 -Both/both of, neither/neither of, either/either ofExercises

UNIT 92 -Relative clauses (2)Exercises