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Archive for the ‘Grammar in use’ Category

Unit1-Present continuous Exercises

UNIT 2 – Present Simple Exercises

UNIT 3 -Present Continuous and presernt simple (1)Exercises

UNIT 4 -Present Continuous and presernt simple (2)Exercises

UNIT 5 -Past SimpleExercises

UNIT 6 -Past ContinuousExercises

UNIT 7 -Present Perfect (1)Exercises

UNIT 9 -Present Perfect ContinuousExercises

UNIT 8 -Present Perfect (2)Exercises

UNIT 10 -Present Perfect Continuous and SimpleExercises

UNIT 12 -When…? and How long…? For and SinceExercises

UNIT 11 -How long have you (been)…?Exercises

UNIT 14 -Present Perfect and past (2)Exercises

UNIT 13 -Present Perfect and past (1)Exercises

UNIT 15 -Past PerfectExercises

UNIT 16 -Past Perfect continuousExercises

UNIT 18 -Used to (do)Exercises

UNIT 17 -Have and have gotExercises

UNIT 20 -(I’m) going to (do)Exercises

UNIT 19 -Present tenses for the futureExercises

UNIT 22 -Will/shall (2)Exercises

UNIT 21 -Will/shall (1)Exercises

UNIT 25 -When I do/When I’ve done. When and IfExercises

UNIT 24 -Will be doing and will have doneExercises

UNIT 23 -I will and I’m going toExercises

UNIT 27 -Could (do) and could have (done)Exercises

UNIT 26 -Can, could and (be) able toExercises

UNIT 29 -May and might (1)Exercises

UNIT 28 -Must and can’tExercises

UNIT 30 -May and might (2)Exercises